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Today’s College cost and student loan debt is now even more out of control! We will help you pay for college regardless of your Federal aid eligibility. Get a financial plan to pay for college tuition before, during, or after college years! Implement cost saving strategies to lower your expected overall cost for college tuition!

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The Federal Aid Care plan is an affordable annual approach to completing ALL of your Federal aid forms while reducing your cost for college in a timely and professional manner without you having to learn the formulas, rules, and laws associated with your Federal Aid. Start TODAY & Get What You Deserve!

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Class of 2016 - 2017 Apply or Renew Your Federal Aid Accurately and Timely! Get the Most for Your Specific Situation and Pay for College!

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No College Savings? Get a Plan to Pay for College Before, During, or After College. Avoid Being a Victim of the Student Loan Debt Crisis!

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How to Open the ONLY College Savings Account That Will Guarantee A 100% Tax Free, Recession Proof Fund, While Avoiding Stock Market Risk, Hidden Fees, and High Commissions!

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College Savings- Start Saving for College Today

With More Benefits than Any State's 529 or College Savings Plan Available Today, Our College Savings Plan is 100% Guaranteed to Increase in Value Every Year Tax Free with 0% Risk!

Recession Proof Your College Savings

“Collegiate Financial delivers valuable information to our Leflore parents and student body at our junior and senior parent meetings. Our parents always walk away with a new sense of direction and clarity. Any questions regarding the mystery of financial aid are completely satisfied and answered. This program is a much needed tool to help schools help their parents with college planning. All high schools should take advantage of this opportunity to educate and help our children and their parents”.

John L LeFlore Peggy Shaw – MCPSS John L. Leflore High School

I just wanted to take a moment to write to you to express my thanks for the extra efforts you gave in the submitting the admissions and financial aid paperwork for Aphfanie. I was doing a follow up to see what the status is at this point. It’s People like you that make our world a better place, simply by taking the extra time it took to ensure that everything was completed in a timely manner. I think I can safely say you are God sent! You stand far above others in your field and I appreciate the time you took to care. Once again, thank you!

Baldwin County Board of Education Elnoria Howell – Baldwin County Board of Education / Human Resources Department

“Just wanted to say a simple thank you for the college planning workshop that you did at BC Rain High School. I know our parents and students gained a lot of knowledge. As a counselor, I spend most of my time dealing with schedules and scholarships. By sitting in the workshop, I realized just how little that I know about advising my students when it comes to financial aid and FASFA. I would recommend counselors as well as parents and students to sit in on one of your workshops. Thanks again, and I hope we have another workshop with you next year”.

B.C. Rain High School Brian Chandler – Sr. Guidance Counselor MCPSS BC Rain High

Does your current college savings plan have more benefits than a W.A.Y. Plan? If so, take the $25,000 college savings challenge. We are confident that our plan is your best option to save for college! GUARANTEED!